Crooked teeth: causes and dangers of abnormal occlusion


According to latest figures of the WHO, today more than 40% of the world population got abnormal occlusion. It is difficult to argue with statistical data. We should draw conclusions and correct the situation while it is possible. This anomaly is not a trifle, it is quite serious: it does not only lead to distorted facial symmetry, but also disrupts the normal functions of the jaw and teeth. The earlier the specialized clinic starts to solve the problem, the greater is the opportunity to eliminate the issue of the aesthetic nuances as well as the risk of diseases of internal organs.


What is the reason for this pathology?


You need to know the reason. It is the first step towards its elimination. It is important that the cause is identified by the specialist; visual statement of the lower or upper jaw protruding is not enough. There are experienced professionals with an excellent reputation in “Swissdent“, working according to the Swiss technology and using modern equipment. Consultation of the dentist at acceptable price is the most common service in Kiev. Dental treatment on Zhylianska, as in all 12 dental branches located in the district, will begin not only with the examination but will be aimed to determine the causes of crooked teeth and abnormal occlusion.

Trust the dentists of our clinic, and their competence, modern equipment and a careful analysis will add to finding out the cause of abnormal occlusion. And they will provide high quality dental treatment in Kiev. Such problem is caused by one of the following factors for adults:

  • facial trauma;
  • wrong prosthetics;
  • late implant placement, i.e., right time was missed.

And they will offer you the best option how to eliminate this defect. Otherwise, there may be serious consequences.


Why is abnormal occlusion dangerous?


The first danger, serious for a woman is that abnormal occlusion provokes the wrinkles and premature aging. Dentists do not remind about it very often, but it is true fact. In addition, crooked teeth and abnormal occlusion can lead to:

  • respiratory disorders;
  • problems with swallowing function;
  • increased load to certain teeth, thus enamel is rapidly thinned;
  • formation of ulcerative lesions.

And the list can be continued. Impaired chewing function affects the digestive process. Hence there are various esophagus diseases. Nasopharynx and ears can also suffer. And most people with abnormal occlusion are regularly sick because of sinusitis, acute respiratory viral infection, and otitis. If you do not timely take measures in relation to abnormal occlusion, you will face the prosthetics issue: long time suffering crooked teeth have to be removed. While dental implants, a way to eliminate the consequences, is not suitable for some people because of their age, and for other people it is quite expensive. Prosthetics prices are quite high.


So, what is the solution?


First of all, look for specialists. Reputation of the clinic specialized in dental services shall be unblemished. In this regard “Swissdent” fully complies with the requirements to medical institutions. Staff of the clinic will provide you with necessary assistance and correct abnormal occlusion of teeth. Clinic services both children and adult patients. Consultations, to start with the treatment at the clinic, are free of charge. The entire range of medical services is performed at the highest professional level. You will be provided with the best option to get rid of abnormal occlusion. For certain patients the best solution is the bracket systems. They do not need advertising because of the effectiveness. Solution for other people may include other alternative methods of treatment. In addition, you will get recommendations on proper oral care and prevention measures.



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