Caries and its stages – is it the scourge of modern times?


Unfortunately, it is. It is difficult to specify the number of persons not facing the caries: figure is growing almost daily. Although there are many ways to resist the inflammatory process of the teeth, damaging the enamel and dentin, not all people succeed in this issue.


Caries is the problem of all ages


And it is a fact also. If not to prevent pathogenic bacteria, including streptococcus forming different acid, it will end with the destruction and loss of teeth. A habitat of streptococcus is a dental plaque. Although the enamel, covering a tooth, is durable and able to withstand the load, however, it can protect against the effects of acid.

That is why there is no age limit for those suffering from caries.

Clinic “Swissdent” dealing with the dental treatment on Zhylianska as the main activity, uses the most efficient and modern methods, tools and materials. Following Swiss standards, its professionals in Kiev start high-quality dental care with free of charge dentist’s consultation: this service is free for all current and prospective patients. Then the diagnosis and treatment selection are carried out. All patients pass through it: children, adults and the elderly.


What are the stages of caries?


It is important to determine the stage of the disease for the proper treatment selection. According to the dentists there are four stages of caries:

  • at early stage the enamel is destroyed a bit, but disease can be detected because of tiny dark spot. Thus there is no pain symptom;
  • the second stage includes larger spot and start of proliferating destructive process of enamel and dentin;
  • caries on the deep stage is no longer hidden. It destroys the tooth completely.

Theoretically, there is an antidote against caries: saliva can prevent the influence of acids and neutralize their harmful effects. It is able to balance the pH in the oral cavity. But in fact, dental plaque accumulates very quickly. Therefore, the number of bacteria is increasing, they become more activate. Saliva is already unable to cope with them. That is why our dentists encourage us to carefully brush teeth at least twice a day – it will be a significant help to saliva. They will explain and tell what factors contribute to the development of caries.


Risks and causes of tooth caries


If you know and remember about them, you have the caries prevention basics already. They include:

  • general state of health;
  • regular oral hygiene;
  • consumption of adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals;
  • amount and quality of saliva;

Still it is impossible to manage the genetic processes, if you are not a specialist in genetics, but you should know something about them. Still it is a must to remember about hygiene, brush your teeth not occasionally, but regularly, at least twice – in the morning and evening, to remember about the impact of vitamins upon health, choose high-quality toothpaste with a high content of fluoride. And everyone should do it.


Insidiousness and danger of tooth caries


 “Swissdent” specialists do not forget to tell patients about the prevention of this disease of teeth within the treatment of dental caries. But if you have faced it, be attentive to yourself and notice caries at an early stage. Then the therapeutic treatment will cope with it. If time is missed, the disease is in acute form, even surgery is possible. And after that you will need the prosthetics the price of which cannot be cheap. The second aspect of tooth caries at the later stages is the spread of infection, which started with a single tooth, to the soft tissue of the gums and the entire face. This process is not just inflammatory, but it is also very painful. It can end with cardiovascular disease or problems with your joints.

You remember about it in order to prevent from such a caries development.



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