Prosthesis in Swissdent


Teeth problems are not rare. Unfortunately, many people face it. Not all of them solve it successfully. It depends on both the patient and the specialist treating teeth.

When is it time to worry?

Today, dental treatment in Kiev is performed according to the new techniques, using modern tools and materials. In most cases, tandem doctor-patient succeeds. But if you constantly delay visit to the doctor, and the stereotype that the dentist is the source of the pain, continues to exist and be very popular, then the only option remaining is a surgery. And a tooth has to be removed. But absence of even one tooth increases the load to remaining teeth. It leads to the destruction of adjacent teeth and pain often becomes unbearable. In addition, appearance is changed. Hollow cheeks tend to “accompany” the absence of teeth.

Hardly a person who lacks teeth feels comfortable: such flaw can be seen with the naked eye, and you cannot smile or laugh heartily. Food gets stuck at the place of a former tooth, and it is not always possible to rinse your mouth.

The best thing is not to waste time. Clinic «Swissdent», providing quality dental treatment in Kiev, has qualified personnel and material resources to help the patient to get rid of dental problems.

We offer the following services

First of all we offer the dentist’s consultation free of charge: we consult patients free of charge. After the examination the doctor announces the verdict, explaining to the patient the best way to solve the problem. If the time for treatment is missed, there is only one way to solve the problem, i.e.: removal of a tooth. The next step is teeth prosthetic the prices for which are also discussed with the patient.

The starting point in selecting a suitable prosthetic shall be the restoration of the normal occlusion of teeth and aesthetics. Ultimately, the patient should get a nice smile which everyone wants to have.

There are three options:

  • removable dental prosthesis;
  • non-removable dental prosthetics;
  • combined dental prosthetics.

Removable dental prosthesis provides partial or complete substitution of the natural set of teeth, broken with removed teeth. The cost of such prosthesis is the lowest. But the effect is not affected – high quality work of specialists in full compliance with Swiss standards guarantees the best result. Assuming that there is the ability to securely fix the prosthesis, i.e., the patient has a required number of teeth for such fixing. Or additional means can be used to secure it.

The non-removable prosthesis application is based on structure fixed with cementitious materials in the oral cavity; it is not removable by the patient. The crown of the cermet may serve as an example. But still such a method used in many clinics of the capital causes serious doubts because of the quality and high prices. Dentistry in Kiev on the left bank has mastered the non-removable prosthetics, ensuring more affordable price for it.

With regard to the combined prosthetics, “Swissdent” uses implants. They are implanted into the oral cavity of the patient. It is the best wat to solve both an aesthetic problem, and also restore the main function of the set of teeth.


Post-prosthesis measures


After completing prosthetics work, clinic specialists will for sure give advice on caring of removable or non-removable prostheses. Following them the patient will ensure long term time life of the teeth and, therefore, the opportunity to be healthy, to have a beautiful smile, do not feel discomfort within communication. Recommendations will include pieces of preventive advice, including the regular teeth examination by a specialist.



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