You can solve the problem of tooth sensitivity!


Many people know what a sharp toothache is after a sip of hot tea or taking a breath of a cold air. Teeth with increased sensitivity react in such a manner. You can certainly live with fear, wasting time without solving the issue. But in the end it will lead to a serious disease. But is it worth?


Where does it all come from?


Staff of “Swissdent” clinic knows the answer as it mastered the most advanced methods of diagnosis, treatment and prosthetics. The name of the clinic is not occasionally connected with Switzerland as principles of its work meet the Swiss standards applicable for all industries and areas. It will provide dental treatment in Kiev by all directions. The patient addressing it will get the free of charge consultation of the dentist. During consultation the patient will find out the main points, provoking acute pain. There following reasons for it:

  • nerve or pulp, feeding the tooth, i.e., providing moisture and essential microelements. It is a source of dental tissue sensitivity. If the tooth is left without nerve and consequently without supply of nutrients, it dies;
  • tooth dentin and cement, as its basis. They are involved to formation of a crown. If dentin is denuded, everything put in the mouth will cause pain;
  • enamel, quite dense and solid material, has a range of shades. Enamel provides the integrity of the tooth, creating a barrier for contact of any substance with dentin. If enamel is chipped and has a micro crack, thus dentin is exposed to food impact. And tooth sensitivity is increased.

The task of the dentist is to eliminate sensitivity. A high quality dental treatment in Kiev will be provided by “Swissdent”. There are various options among the newest methods to eliminate tooth sensitivity. The doctor will focus on the most optimal for a particular patient.


What will help with sensitive teeth?


Professional methods, applied for teeth treatment on Zhylianska, where our dentistry is located, are designed to eliminate the problem, thereby prevent from tooth loss.

One of such methods includes fluoride varnishes that actively strengthen tooth enamel. Their application is quite simple: coatings are applied to the surface of the crown, saturating it with useful micronutrients.

Remineralization method also helps to saturate the tooth tissue with useful elements, including necessary fluoride and calcium. It is necessary to alternately applied to the tooth the calcium and fluorine products. The procedure is absolutely painless. And it is also absolutely harmless.

The most effective method is medical ionization. It is a therapeutic method that was mastered by the dentistry in Kiev on the right bank one of the first in the capital; the clinic has the most modern equipment for iontophoresis and the most qualified professionals. During the procedure, using the current, the superficial and deep tooth tissues obtain substance stabilizing tooth.


Do not forget about folk remedies


Professional staff of the clinic can recommend folk remedies for sensitive teeth treatment. Usually, these techniques help in cases without often and acute tooth sensitivity. Then, after consulting a doctor, it is possible to solve the problem at home, using a decoction of oak bark and chamomile, for mouth rinsing 2-3 times per day. Milk also helps. Warm it and hold in the mouth for 20 seconds. The salt solution at the rate of 1 tea spoon to 1 cup of warm water as a mouthwash will improve enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. And the easiest way is a daily massage of gums with two fingers. In addition, it improves the blood supply to the teeth, they get the required nutrients.


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