Welcome to the dental clinic “Swissdent”

Suffer from teeth problems? Visit Swissdent


Do you value the Swiss standards? Have you appreciated true value of optics of this country? Or watches? Or perfect baby food from Switzerland? Thus you should entrust dental treatment to our clinic. Its name is Swissdent. It is associated with Switzerland. This connection is much deeper than only name. We apply exclusively advanced technologies for the dental treatment and prosthetics. We guarantee efficiency, reliability and sustainability of such treatment.

Having visited us, be sure to get rid of discomfort and pain that almost always accompanies teeth problems. You will get beautiful healthy teeth and gorgeous smile. You age will not prevent you from it.

Our clinic offers high quality dental treatment in Kiev, and it is one of few clinics where everything complies with the top European standards, including equipment and facilities, interior and design, and dress code of staff. Qualification of our dentists and doctors of all profiles is confirmed by domestic and foreign degrees and certificates, making dental treatment the most safe and high quality. And, in addition, dental treatment in our clinic is still available at moderate prices: pricing of the clinic is based on absence of inflated and excessive prices. We offer you the most pleasant cost of dental treatment on Zhylianska and throughout the whole capital. One glance at the price list will convince the prospective customer.

We apply individual approach to every patient since the first day. Dentistry in Kiev is a sphere of activity for our clinic staff to constantly hone own skills. We are sure that treatment is difficult and even impossible without such constant practice. We also believe that have made the right decision at the beginning: we prove all consultations free of charge.

The primary law for our staff is attentive attitude to all our visitors or partners in telephone conversations. To listen to the patient is as important as to make a diagnosis. Neither the first nor the second case may include trivial information or minor value in the analyses. Reputation of our clinic and reviews of our patients prove it to be as important as the process of treatment itself.

Swissdent” clinic provides both, professional specialized treatment and a psychological support. All our experts will react to patients’ fears and doubts, prove their groundlessness and put them out of patients’ mind with arguments.

Such tandem of doctor and patient is focused on the final result. Patient leaves us with solved dental problem and the ability to be proud of own gorgeous snow-white smile.


Our advantages

We are using innovative technologies

Our clinic is equipped with advanced modern equipment.

Guarantees for carrying out procedures

Most of our procedures have a long-term guarantee, which will be discussed with you prior to treatment.

All of our doctors are certified and a great experience

Our doctors have been trained in the best universities of the country and trained in clinics in Switzerland, Germany.

High quality at an affordable price

By providing high-quality service, SwessDent focuses on the requirements of the most demanding customers