All types of prosthetics


Neglecting of dental health may affect not only the appearance of any person, but also health in general. Neglected problem areas in the mouth will cause to a person the unlimited amount of problems and constant discomfort. High quality teeth treatment in Kiev is available now thanks to Swissdent! Our team of professionals will help to restore your smile, making it healthy and beautiful.

We offer complex dental treatment in Kiev for our clients and directly, prosthetics of dentition of various kinds:

  • Removable dental prosthetics. Using a removable prosthesis can be helpful to replace a complete or part of dentition. It is a simple and inexpensive procedure that can quickly fill all the “dental cavities” in the mouth, however, it requires a certain amount of own teeth or the use of auxiliary fixing materials.
  • Non-removable dental prosthetics. Using special “binder” material, the structure is fixed in the oral cavity, and the patient cannot remove it without help of the doctor (for example, metal-ceramic crowns).
  • Combined prosthetics (with implants). It is the removable prosthesis implanted into the oral cavity of the client, using special implants. This type of prosthesis is securely fixed in the mouth and ensures that the dentition looks aesthetic and healthy.

Dental treatment on Zhylianska is performed by the professional dental clinic “Swissdent”, which carries out the diagnosis and examination, as well as high-quality prosthetics of any variety and complexity at an affordable price. Do not waste time on useless searches of a good clinic – contact us!