Cosmetic dentistry


The need for such a service as cosmetic tooth restoration is quite widespread. It is well-known that even minor aesthetic problems can sooner or later turn into a serious illness, bringing significant discomfort. For example, such frequent problems of the patients as dental calculus or uneven tooth alignment, can significantly affect the quality and comfort of life of any person, creating a lot of complications in the work, communicating with other people, as well as in everyday life. Cosmetic dentistry in this case is a necessity to become healthier, prettier and more confident.

General and aesthetic dental treatment in Kiev is now available thanks to the dental clinic “Swissdent”, where we quickly and efficiently help to cope with any disease of mouth cavity. Whether it is chipping or deformation or a severe abrasion of enamel or even teeth whitening, our professional doctors will cope with any task, no matter how difficult it is!

High quality dental treatment in Kiev is guaranteed by “Swissdent”! Doctors in our clinic work with the best materials and equipment, and constantly develop, study and introduce modern technology and techniques into the workflow. Our clinic appoints the dental treatment on Zhylianska at any time convenient for you. You will also enjoy the cost of our services, while we are not going to make a profit out of your misfortune – our experts will be happy to help you. Do not postpone the solution of the problem, visit us and we will solve any of your problems related to beauty and health of your teeth together! Smooth, white, and most importantly healthy teeth are the key to a gorgeous smile, and to success in life!