Modern endodontics


Toothache is one of the indicators of inflammatory processes of root canals. Dental clinic “Swissdent” offers you high quality dental treatment in Kiev and the ability to use the services of the endodontist. Nowadays endodontic services in Kiev are quite expensive, but taking care of your health and well-being, we offer extremely reasonable prices for these procedures.

At pain and dental canal inflammation most people visit a doctor to remove the tooth. “Swissdent” offers to avoid such extreme measures, but rather to take advantage of such opportunity as root canals treatment. Such technique allows you maintaining own teeth in perfect condition for many years. Through the use of the best anaesthesia methods the process of dental roots curing will be painless and quick. Dental treatment in Kiev is quite simple now!

If it is impossible to cure the root canal, the hole is filled after the tooth removal. During the working process our highly qualified specialists use only high-quality and certified materials and equipment, as well as ensure a proper and endurable anaesthesia, and you will feel no pain at all!

Thorough diagnostics, competent approach to treatment, as well as timely preventive measures will be provided to you in our dental clinic at an incredibly affordable price. Dental treatment on Zhylianska will allow you not only eliminating the existing problems or preventing from new one, but will also keep teeth healthy for many years. To treat does not mean remove any longer! Visit us to make sure by yourself!