Orthodontics – improvement of dentition


Do you need dentition improvement and correction? Our dental clinic “Swissdent” offers you services of orthodontist to get high quality dental treatment in Kiev. Malocclusion, partial or complete absence of teeth, curved tooth position, a considerable distance between the teeth include the most common problems among the numerous number of people.

Have you heard about dentition correction and you are afraid of it? Do not worry! Dental braces are the proper painless way to solve this problem! Reviews of our happy patients confirm that dental braces effectively eliminate this problem. Our customers are very satisfied with the results of such treatment and now they can be proud and boast of an incredible gorgeous smile! If you do not want to use orthodontic braces for some reason, our doctors will offer other methods to solve the problem.

To get the services of certified experts and pass dental treatment on Zhylianska, visit our clinic, making an appointment on the website or by telephone. “Swissdent” takes care of health of our patients, and values its professional reputation, thus dental treatment in Kiev in our clinic is provided at a high quality level of servicing. We use high-quality material and certified equipment, thus the work of our skilled experts is easy and pleasant, and you will get a guaranteed excellent result. Do not be afraid of changes, visit us and make your teeth smooth and beautiful at last. We promise that your life will change for the better!