Professional teeth whitening


Snow-white and dazzling smile is the secret weapon of every person, because it helps to get on the right side of anybody, making us more attractive and helps to set contacts within work and daily life. But, unfortunately, no matter how hard we try for the dental hygiene, daily use of certain foods, coffee and tea drinks, as well as alcohol and tobacco has a negative impact on the condition of the tooth enamel, making teeth yellow and unattractive. Dental treatment in Kiev is no longer a problem and an unpleasant procedure, because “Swissdent” is happy to take care of you!

A large number of prospective patients of dental clinics apply teeth whitening at home, hoping for the excellent effect and using cheap methods and means at hand. But such manipulations do not guarantee a good result, and there is a great risk of damage of the tooth enamel and in the worst case you could face a loss or deformation of dentition. If you want to eliminate such consequences, use dental restoration, and “Swissdent” will be happy to provide you with such a service. Thus is not always appropriate and can play a cruel and expensive trick.

Our dental clinic “Swissdent” provides a high quality dental treatment in Kiev, as well as professional though inexpensive teeth whitening. If you want to enjoy the snow-white and healthy smile, and to get competent dental treatment on Zhylianska, contact and visit us! Our clinic values its customers, thus the treatment and tooth whitening are performed by the best qualified doctors. We use professional equipment only, as well as materials of first-class composition.