Ultrasound removal of dental plaque


Dental plaque and stone considerably worsen appearance of the teeth and the image of person as a whole. It is not always possible to eliminate these problems by yourself. We offer you a solution, i.e., ultrasound removal of dental deposits in dental clinic “Swissdent”. Owing to our clinic the high quality dental treatment in Kiev became available and affordable.

Our qualified staff can easily remove dental calculi as well as dental plaque within a short period of time. Owing to teeth ultrasound cleaning, dental treatment in Kiev became more effective. Our procedure is carried out with the use of ultrasound equipment and coolants. Vibrations are completely without any pain and they remove dental plaque and calculus deposits. That is the procedure for the professional teeth cleaning in Kiev. It is worth noting that during this process the client feels no discomfort, as we guarantee the safety and effectiveness of this procedure.

Previously removal of dental plaque was a risky and unpredictable procedure, as only metal tools were used and the surface of the teeth and gums was exposed to a variety of injuries, in addition it was still impossible to completely clean dentition from dental plaque and calculi. Nowadays, due to advance technologies, dental treatment on Zhylianska ensures quick and comfortable procedure with incredible results. “Swissdent” enables its customers to use the ultrasound removal of dental deposits and forget about the plaque and calculus forever! After it your teeth will be perfectly clean and smooth. Visit us to make sure and check the reliability of our words!