Irina Lokteva, a housewife:

The daughter still has the last baby tooth. It was loose, but tight. She was naughty and crying … I decided that we needed a doctor’s help.
We visited the clinic and appointed to Inna Alekseevna. It was a stroke of luck! Not everyone can immediately gain the child, who has just cried. Inna Alekseevna can do it, though.
Cute, smiling, dressed in bright and fashionable clothes, Inna Alekseevna quickly coped with stubborn daughter’s tooth. Daughter, as they say, did not have time to utter a word. And when the doctor offered to take the tooth as a memory, my little girl said: “This one I give to you, and I will take the second next time.”

Artem Savchenko, a student:

I broke a tooth during the training last year. It was not seen and therefore I did not hurry to do something. But in summer I felt that adjacent teeth were loose. In short, in August I came to the clinic and made an appointment. In the end, I met the prosthetist Dmitry Petrovich. A week later, everything was OK. I did not enjoy the dental treatment for prosthesis. But I did not feel terrible pain.
Dmitry Petrovich managed to do everything perfectly. And it took one fitting only. In addition, I expected the price for a tooth and crowns to be more expensive. Since then I have even forgotten about that tooth in the mouth, because a true professional treated my teeth.

Igor Semenov, an entrepreneur:

I am 40 years old and I had no idea about orthodontists. I felt discomfort because of spaces among the upper teeth. It was awkward during negotiations and business meetings. In a word, I was tired of this complex.
My mother-in-law advised the clinic. It was the best advice she has ever given. She also recommended getting an appointment with Bogdan Mikhailovich. And I got it.
I will not act against my conscience: dental procedure cannot be a pleasure. But this prominent expert, Bogdan Mikhailovich, acted perfectly. I am very grateful to him! Now I can recommend a professional orthodontist, not exaggerating his talent at all.

Ivan Kovalenko, a pensioner:

I visited the clinic because I was attracted with its Swiss name. Although I know that Switzerland is not only the producer of the best watches and optics. I visited it also because of its convenient location – I live nearby. And it is harder to get to other parts of the city. I was afraid of exorbitant prices.
Nothing of the kind! The prices are market ones, or even lower. But you would be impressed with the high quality services here! Probably, they act according to Swiss standards. And I liked their punctuality: If you have an appointment at 2 p.m., the maximum possible delay is 5 minutes. You do not have to waste time waiting. Staff will call you by your first name and patronymic; such formal title is not a common thing in our district hospital.

Alina Komrakova, an accountant:

I had an important reason to visit the clinic: I wanted to get a job in one of the largest companies. Everything was fine with my dress code, though my teeth left much to be desired. Five years ago I knew already that I need aesthetic restoration or I should not smile at all. I knew that it would cost money. On the other hand, the future work required proper appearance. On the Internet I found out that this clinic could cope almost with everything in compliance with the Swiss technologies.
Today I can confirm it. They can cope with everything! Thank you, dear doctors and nurses, for my transformation!